How To Give

Giving to YCCD Foundation helps to support the students and programs of the campuses that comprise Yuba Community College District. These include:

  • Yuba College (Marysville)
    • Sutter County Center
    • Beale Air Force Base Center
  • Woodland Community College
    • Lake County Campus
    • Colusa County Campus

If you are interested in giving to the YCCD Foundation please contact our office.
You can also send your donations to:

YCCD Foundation
425 Plumas Blvd., Suite 200
Yuba City, CA 95991

Make Checks Payable to YCCD FOUNDATION
and be sure to indicate the designation of your gift.

There are several paths that you might consider if you wish to support the students at any of our campuses.

The Annual Fund

Each year, YCCD Foundation solicits annual gifts from alumni and friends of its colleges. These gifts generally range from $25 to $1,000 and can be designated to a particular program, a specific scholarship, and/or the campus of your choice. Throughout this website, we provide several examples of programs and scholarships to which you might donate. If you are not currently being contacted for an annual fund contribution and would like to be added to our list, we can be reached through the contact information provided below.

Major Gifts

Major gifts, as a rule, support a major project or the development of a new scholarship fund. Projects might include gifts to the library, endowed faculty positions, renovations of facilities, laboratory equipment for classrooms, or much-needed campus beautification. Scholarships that are supported at $10,000 or more are considered “endowed,” will last into perpetuity, and can continue to support students through annual investment income.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts, or bequests, are means of ultimately distributing your estate. The best known mechanism for doing so is your Will, through which you can specify which campus, which program or which scholarship you wish to leave a portion of your estate. However, there are also methods by which you can gain immediate tax benefits and earn lifelong income while watching your support go to work for the campus of your choice. YCCD Foundation has established and managed several Charitable Remainder Trusts over the years and can work with your financial advisor in creating this win-win type of gift.

Employee Gifts

Some of YCCD Foundation’s most treasured donors are current and former employees throughout the District. An Employees’ Campaign is conducted each year as part of the Annual Fund. Those participating include staff, administrators, faculty and board members. While employed at our campuses, individuals can donate directly to the program, project or scholarship of their choice or provide monthly donations through payroll deduction.

Unrestricted Gifts

Your gift does not have to be designated to a particular project, program or scholarship. Unrestricted, or undesignated, gifts give the Foundation the latitude to place money where it is needed the most. In the past, unrestricted money has been used to support a competitive special projects fund through which faculty and staff could experiment with new ways in which to better support our programs and services. A primary example of this is our longstanding “Crossing Borders / Building Bridges” program, which was initially funded with YCCD Foundation seed money. Part of Woodland Community College’s long-range plan, which is today being realized, was also funded through unrestricted income.

We Can Be Reached At:

YCCD Foundation
425 Plumas Blvd., Suite 200
Yuba City, CA 95991

Phone: (530) 749-3868



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