Safety Services & Programs


Campus Patrols
The Yuba Community College District Police Department uses uniformed and non-uniformed officers to patrol the campuses in cars, on bicycles and on foot. These patrols are conducted on the roadways and walkways of the campus, as well as in buildings.

Safety Escort Service

  • Marysville Campus: If you feel fearful walking on campus you may request a safety escort by dialing extension 6771 from any campus phone or (530) 741-6771 from other phones. If you are calling after business hours you may call the Campus Police cellular phone at (530) 870-1158. Provide the YCCDPD Officer with your current location and intended destination on campus. If there are special circumstances or risks that you know about, be sure to share them with the officer. Subject to availability, an officer will be dispatched to your location to walk with you to your destination. An officer may wish to transport you in a vehicle if it is more practical based on conditions.
  • Woodland Campus: : For safety escorts and other Courtesy service, call (530) 681-8782. (It is a call-forward number to the duty cell phone.)

Vehicle Jumpstart Courtesy Service
Some of our police vehicles are equipped with battery jumpstart systems to allow officers to attempt to assist motorists who have discharged batteries. This service is provided at no charge, subject to officer availability and is performed only if the vehicle owner accepts the risk of damage. Normally there is very little risk, however officers are not trained mechanics, and from time to time damage may occur. Persons who have insurance coverage for jumpstart service or who do not want to accept the risk of damage should call a professional mechanic.


Sex Offender Registration Program
The State of California requires sex offenders to register with the police in the jurisdiction in which they reside. The State makes this information available to law enforcement agencies. The information is available to the public at the local police department. State law also requires sex offenders to register with YCCDPD if they are working at one of the college campuses (including contractors) or attending classes. Sex offenders must update their registration at the beginning of each instructional semester. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) does not prohibit release of data on registered sex offenders.

Police department staff registers sex offenders, as prescribed by law, and actively tracks sex offenders registered with the police department each semester.

Megan’s Law allows the public to view information about “Serious” and “High Risk” sexual offenders that may be residing in their community. This enables the public to be aware of potential risks in their community. The public can then make informed decisions when taking safety precautions to protect themselves and their children from sex offenders. Visit the on-line sex offender registration web site at:

Police Cadet Programs
The Police Cadet Program employs a diverse group of Yuba Community College District students. Its mission is to provide outreach to the campus community, while helping to deter crime, and enforcement of the district parking policy. Police Cadets provide high visibility, uniformed patrol of the campus. This includes, but is not limited to, the campus, buildings, and parking lots. They act as additional “eyes and ears” to the police department.


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